mobile home issues

September 3, 2008 7:52pm CST
hi i have a few things i need advice on or help with. i live in a mobile. the guy that lived here died. a "friend" of mine told me the family gave him the trailer and he gave me the trailer. well i have moved in and settled in nicely. there was a levy notice placed on the door cuz there was 3 years of taxes owed on it. well i went paid the taxes on it and now the family wants the trailer back. after ive paid the taxes on it. the owner passed away. the trailer sat up for 10 months and no one came by to check on it or anything. vines trees and weeds were takin over the trailer. since i have moved in i have removed all the vines weeds and tress. i know nothing on the guy that owned it to get a title for it except his name. what can i do to keep from losin the trailer? or can they have me moved out even tho i paid the taxes on it. the county had taken it over and it was to be auctioned off in october. any advice is greatly appreciated
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