What is your reason NOT to believe in God?

September 3, 2008 8:21pm CST
I just want to know... For me I don't even know the reason why I believe. It just started from my family and my ancestors being Spanish ~having ties with Christianity and stuff. Since I heard stories about Jesus I just wanted to believe some more. It just makes me feel good to hear about his love for us. So tell me your reasons and we can make a good point out of it! :)
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• Philippines
6 Sep 08
For me, i believe in God since birth because that what my parents want me to do. But because of the graces and miracles happened in my life my faith in Him continues to deepened each and every day in my life.. He's been so grateful to me and my family. All i pray and ask Him he never fails to give.. Well for me He's my only strength in life. Well for me, the only reason why we are alive right is because God is there. Well, ask yourself where we came from? who made us? Well, I guess reading bible and religious books would help you a lot..
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• United States
4 Sep 08
They are NO reason not to believe in GOD all the proof you would ever need is in the BIBLE. Please everyone read your BIBLE and you will know that they are a GOD and he the king of kings!!