Is that possible that you fall inlove just because of a one night stand?

September 3, 2008 9:32pm CST
Ironically: can we say that we are surely inlove just because you've met a man or a woman halfway and agreed to enjoyed the gift of happiness...?
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• Malaysia
29 Sep 08
Nop. One night stand is just an excited moment for both parties. No doubt the session is so memorable and so sweet and hope it can last for longer period. But it might not the one we really fall in love to.
@nickventere (1424)
• Zambia
8 Sep 08
As a man, I normally would do it first. However, because I want her to enjoy the act as much, I have to strategize and make sure that she does first. Or if I do first, I have to concentrate to make sure that I make her get there too!
@jinxky (2251)
• Philippines
7 Sep 08
well it depends but i don't think it's love coz it's just a lust, both parties agreed to have one night stand coz of the physical attraction or just like what i have said, a lust lol
• Canada
5 Sep 08
I don't believe one can fall in love because of a one night stand . Love takes a long time to happen and doesn't happen over night . You can possibly love some one you really don't know and doesn't know you . There is more to what a person looks like and what they did on the first night you met them . Usually the first year a couple is togehter , everything is perfect because they are still in the stage of trying so hard to please the other person and doing things that you just stop doing after you have been with someone for many years . It is like the honeymoon stage of a relationship , it takes time to see what a person is truely like and this will never happen just from spending the night with a person !!
• Philippines
5 Sep 08
I don't think love can pop up suddenly the moment you meet a man or woman. You still have to establish a certain bond between the two of you. As time passes by, love grows.
• Philippines
4 Sep 08
it depends sometimes but its not impossible to fall in love with someone you just met overnight.