What is Divorce Like?

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@bugbaby (1788)
September 3, 2008 11:29pm CST
what are you supposed to do when your 17 yr old Absolutely REfuses to fo to counseling? I guess physically taking him there is an option...NOT! I'm not sure what to do about this......I've seen rage in my son and can't get him to understand that talking to a professional is important. He says he talks to his friends and that's that.
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• United States
4 Sep 08
It is always so tough on the kids during a divorce. I had to deal with custody battles when my girls were young and they sure suffered with that. They were forced into counseling when young. It would be great if your friend can talk openly with the 17 year old about everything. I have always had that gift with my daughters and it has helped so much. I don't see how the 17 year old could be forced unless it was court ordered. Maybe if more one on one time could be spent with each other and get the 17 year old to feel comfortable to talk and open up about things and the parent has to be open and honest too. I hope there is no talk against the other parent and hopefully the kid is not feeling torn or pulled in two different directions regarding parents. I believe that is the kind of stuff that makes them fill with rage. I am not a doctor or a know it all. I am just speaking from my experiences and my heart. I hope their is a peaceful solution in the near future for both. Good luck and God bless
@bugbaby (1788)
• Indonesia
4 Sep 08
thanks for your advice Ribbon, i hope your suggest can help my friend.