antique furnitures vs modern furnitures?

September 4, 2008 9:42am CST
Finally we are in our new house after renting for two years in an aparment. And currently we are looking for new furnitures for the house. After a couple of weeks of looking around the city, window shopping, i came to realized that i would be out of my budget then if i really insist on what i really like most. Modern furnitures are "in" today in the market, like US leather sala sets with pastel colors and mostly of what you see in interior decorating magazines like that of Real Living Mags. Then theres this friend of mine that offers me to buy their antique narra furnitures (hard wood), the way i see it, its about 20 years old already, just a little revarnishing will do, and WOW! it would look anew, she says. She gave me a package price for a dining set, sala set, console with mirror, a divider and a treasure chest ( all of these are beautifully carved, very detailed), with a price of reasonable price, and i thought it would be of great savings if i have to compare from the modern one.What do you think, do antique furnitures look great in a new house, or the modern ones are better.
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