Scams, a lot of people are loosing money, Stop loosing money now!!

Screen shot of an online scam - This photo is a simple screen shot taken from a site that was scamming. it did however prove that earnings were at this level and refferals and commisions were valid.
September 4, 2008 9:52am CST
I have been readind Blogs for a wile now and I always hear people saying, I lost money with this or them or them. But what is a scam, or what do we perceive as a scam. There are many offers that simply con us, by creating an elaborate picture of a marvelous opportunity. the minute I hear of a marvelous opportunity, I run a mile. But if we believe these claims and we buy the product simply to find, Sh1T, another dead donkey in a box, all beautifuly packed. I think we have all been there. BUt that is a con not a SCAM. and we fell for it, darn, But a Scam is where companies dont pay you, or they change the rules, or they dissapear overnight. Even reset their servers and your totals unbelievably and depressingly return to zero, if feels like you just been a victim to a car crash and guess what, thats right the support department is on annual leave. Protect yourself!!!The minute you suspect something. Do a few things 1 Check the domain registration at For your info sake. 2 Goto the suspected website and log into your account 3 Take a copy out of your screen when your in their site. to copy a screen, if you dont know. Simply press the print screen button on the top right of your keyboard then paste into a editor like word ctrl+v to paste. And enlarge if required, its like a copy of a document save it and keep it if required. 4 Contact you paypal or equi payer and credit card company. You can raise a dispute with them up to 1 month and sometime 3 month. Credit card companies can reclaim or get chargeback actioned within 4 months of the transaction date. And spread the word, I hope this is usefull to some and possibly also help some people get their money back. If you know of a site that is not runnig as it should, I will add them the list on my site. In the images I have added is an example of a site that was scamming. you will see how usefull they can be. This also proves what you had earnd with them etc. This was my screenshot and you can see what my downlines where. Any questions let me know Colin
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