I know this girl who was in a relationship with this guy and they had been....

United States
September 4, 2008 2:43pm CST
together for a long time. Well this guy decided to marry another woman without telling her. She found out that he was getting married through a phone call the day before the wedding. What would you have done?
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@ellie333 (21029)
5 Sep 08
Hi Linda, I really hope this is a hypothetical question. I really don't know how I react in this until faced with it. All I do though is that I would probably feeling a massive mix of emotions ranging from shock, hurt anf anger. In time I guess I would relise that I had a lucky escape and that a person who could do this wasn't worthy of being allowed to have a relationship with me but intially also embarrassed that I hadn't been aware of what was going on and be annoyed at myself for being so niave. God bless. Ellie :D
• Canada
4 Sep 08
I probably would have been horribly heart broken and depressed by in all reality, what could she do? He was the one that did it all and nothing she could say would change that. Even if it did change things, would she really want him back after finding out he lied to her their whole relationship and cheated on her? She is much better off without someone like that in her life. She'll hurt, and move on and find someone great that wants her and won't use her. There are pleanty of fish in the sea and when you don't find one that you think is worth keeping, through it back in and keep on fishing!
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4 Sep 08
This is a very hard thing to decide. Camn the woman he is marrying trust him if he has been going out with your friend when he has been seeing here too. maybe it would be better for her to know what he has been doing. Maybe it would be better for your friend to try to just forget this B and find someone who will really care for her.