Karma, fate, luck, gods will

@madasp (563)
United States
September 4, 2008 3:51pm CST
Call it what you will, do you think that people draw certain energies to their lives by the way they think and act? It just seems to me that some people have more than their share of bad or good luck and it seems like its almost always accompanied by their attitude toward life. I'm curious because I met a man a few weeks ago a man who seems to have everything in his life going wrong right now and his attitude is one of complete hoplessness. So the question is..do you think sad or angry people draw bad luck or do you think they are sad/angry because of their luck. The same for good luck do they draw it to them or is their attitude a result of it?
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@svishyn (23)
6 Sep 08
Yes. Karma theory is actually practical one. If you do good, you will get it back and so if you did bad. What goes up comes down and the world goes around. So, it is better to do good things only
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4 Sep 08
I believe in Karma, fate, and luck. I do not believe in "God's Will" because I believe that everything is random in the universe. Some people are just incredibly lucky in life. Some people have a always have bad luck. Some people are fated to be something because it is in their blood or nature. Some people always cause problems and thus those problems cause more problems for everything and everyone else.
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4 Sep 08
I'd say it's a little bit of both.