Bored at school xD

@NrgDfenZ (1810)
September 4, 2008 4:15pm CST
Hi all I think we all have been trough a situation where we were bored at school.. Just sitting there, trying to pay attention, but it just won't work :D Well I am in such a moment at this moment. And I was wondering what could I do.. And I don't mean games on the computer or so, because in an hour I have math and then I won't have acces to a computer. So I am looking for things I can do away from the computer, like drawing or something like that.. If you know anything then please say so I can use them today, tomorrow, the day after,.... ^^ Thanks
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• Philippines
4 Sep 08
I'm also bored in school. There are ways to enjoy even though there is no computer. My habits is taking a super menthol candy, by this way you shouldn't be bored. Read newspapers in library or magazines, it has recent and current events to read on. Hang with your friends outside the school by chatting and speaking with fun stuff. Sit where you can relax or sit where you are comfortable.