Has your doctor ever giving you a placebo?

@shaggin (41330)
United States
September 4, 2008 8:03pm CST
I have heard that just under 50% of doctors have given patients a placebo! A placebo is a pill that contains no active ingredients and doctors are giving them to patients making the patients believe that they are really taking a true medication. In one way it is a good way to find out if a patient is a hypocondriac but it is also costing patients money to buy this fake medicine truly believing that it is going to work. I really feel that its wrong no matter what the circumstance and I think it could be good grounds for a law suit for your doctor to give you false information and fake medication! I would be royally mad if a doctor did this to me!
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• Malaysia
29 Sep 08
first...what kind of doctor are you visiting?psychiatric or what?if psychiatric i think it's ok..but if not..then the doctor had misused his/her trust and rights of threating people to generate extra income..
@Anne18 (11036)
5 Sep 08
I don't think I have had a placebo, but I used to be a nurse in an old peoples hosiptal and the doctor did give some out to patients. Must be good as they cured what ever they had got!!!