Do You Believe in Palm Readers

September 4, 2008 9:46pm CST
I am a firm supporter of palm reading. I have been reading books on palmistry and believe that If the palm reader is in real sense is expert he can tell you your past habits important events of life and ca predict future also. I know in simple telling there are three main lines. Life line,Brain line,Heart line and most important sun line which u can say luck line. There is also a line of intuition which is not a permanent line like life line. It seldom appear but in the hands of people like saints. The people with line of intuition what ever he will tell you or say that is correct. You will find that the saints speak less and when ever they speak that is truth. I have experienced with it and found so many realities in it. What do think of palmistry have you any experience please share and discuss we can gain more knowledge from this.
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• United States
5 Sep 08
I have knowledge of palm readers but I am not sure one way or the other whether I believe that they can tell things just from looking at my palms. It seems like that is kind of far fetched. Now I am not discounting it at all. All I am saying is for myself I find it hard to believe. If it could be proved to me I would change my mind. But since I am not willing to pay for a reading I will never truly see whether that is a true thing or not.