Fell off the couch while sleeping

@ch88ss (2270)
United States
September 5, 2008 12:38am CST
I just heard a big thump and I ran to see what happened. My daughter rolled of the couch. She is sleeping on the couch, yep I finally punished her for not listening to the teacher and go to the restroom when she is supposed to. What else can I do?
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@kosykosy (160)
• Ghana
8 Sep 08
Actually I think a bit differently. We were told in class that children should not be punished in connection with going to the bathroom, because it doesn't take much for a sense of shame concerning their going to the loo to develop. Develop a system of incentives instead. Everytime she tells her teacher she wants to go to the bathroom, she gets a toffee or it could be a nice piece of fruit or some yoghurt that she really likes) as a reward, but if she doesn't, she doesn't get anything. She would look forward to getting the yoghurt, and she would do anything to please you. Voila! A child who has a goal! Just my view!
@ch88ss (2270)
• United States
11 Sep 08
Hi Kosy, Yes that approached was tried and failed too. She likes the reward but does not care when she wets herself. Apparently my child is not at the stage yet to understand or be ashamed of her actions yet. She still asked to be held on school ground. She still need me to walk her to class, even if the yard person is there i cannot leave until the teacher is there. she is so shy and scared all the time that it worries me.
• United States
5 Sep 08
I know how are it is to have to be the bad mean mom but we have to do the best that we can to help our children grow up doing the right things. I would imagine that it would be even harder with a child who has autism. It is hard enough for me to punish my youngest as he was a preemie. I turned into a softy after he was born and now it is hard for me to punish my kids. Just remember you are not alone if you feel a little guilty for being the punisher but as a parent it is the right thing to do.
@ch88ss (2270)
• United States
6 Sep 08
hey thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with me. I sure helps when I know someone actually understand me. I also see your pain, we all try to be a good mother but we always feel we are not doing enough. Now that school starts, I really feel like quitting my job so I can attend to her school meetings and be part of the classroom to help her.