Would you be mad if your bestfriend went out with your ex?

September 5, 2008 4:04am CST
According to my observation, some girls and even boys get mad with their friends if their friends went with his/her ex. I don't know their reason but nonetheless they are just jealous. I think there's nothing wrong with dating my friends with my ex if I were in the situation. There is really no big deal at all besides past is past. If that's what my friend wanted to do I should not mind her personal life especially her love life right?
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@geekyjock (371)
• Philippines
7 Sep 08
I think the reason why the ex GF gets jealous is because she still likes/loves her x Bf. But if the feelings are gone. Everythings history, then I think it is fair to give them their freedom to start their relationship. And If the girl doesn't have any feelings for her ex it won't matter to her if her friend and her ex dates.
• Bahamas
5 Sep 08
I was never into this situation. After the break, I lost all of them. In such case, I think there is nothing wrong dating with an ex as long as you know certain limitations. But if you've got a new lover who is annoyed with you dating with an ex, that's another story. For just friends, guess they aren't reasonable to avoid you meeting other friends too.
@titagdl (136)
• Mexico
5 Sep 08
Well I guess it depend on how the situation was and how the relationship ended. I had some boyfriends that really meant nothing to me or simple there was no chemistry there. If any of my friends had dated them,i wouldn´t have minded at all. But if it´s someone that I really cared about I think i would be upset.First because i simply think it´s weird they would do that. Second, if we had a bad breakupor something, wouldn´t my friend was supposed to be on my side, and if she dated him, she would be on his side, not mine. And third if we brokeup because he was a jerk to me,,,,why would my friend even go out with him?