There is no plastic in Kurkure

September 5, 2008 5:04am CST
In the recent past, many of us received a chain mail contending that if you burn Kurkure, it would turn to plastic, and Kurkure is therefore harmful to health. The contents of such chain mails are however baseless as they are not from any authenticated source. Kindly ignore such mails and forwards the same to your friends.
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• India
5 Sep 08
FIRST. Friend, are you from KURKERE? ARE you the official spokesperson of the company? If YES. then, my comments are reserved. But, if you are not related to the company, then, read on...... all these foods, do contain some artificial sweeteners, or such other ingrediants, which are harmful to the human body. I know of adequate cases of GASTRO ENTERITIS, and such other intestinal disorders, caused directly by the poisoning of the kids' stomach and body.. through consumption of kurkure and such JUNK FOOD. including haldirams' products. [B]Now, I dont contest your words on IGNORING the chain mails, and SPAM.[/b]