Shold I accpt my Valentine day gift?

September 5, 2008 8:26am CST
So many months have passed but it is all fresh in my memory. I was in Delhi and had taken up metro rail to Canaught Place. As I was walking rather thoughtfuly, I was intecepted by a girl - thin and tall but wore a beatiful look. She requested me; she wanted to call up some one using my mobile phone as did not have any. I had no choice but to abide by the need. That was valentine day. As I came up the underground lane to the Canaught Place I thought It was a diffent planet. A few minutes later I received a call - the man was asking whereabout of the girl who had called him up using my teliphone. The thing that struck me - the man did not even know the name of the girl. I was stroling around alone looking at things here and there. After some time had passed I saw the same girl literally quarrelling with a man. She infact had snatched his mobile phone from the boy and had thrown it on the street and it was impossible for any one to retrieve it back. She infact was wild and kicked on the shoes of the man and he shouted reeling in pain. I some how managed the situation and consoled the girl who actually wept and told me her story. I later offered her some chineese food to eat and saw her off. Now I rreceive her mail every weekend with all kind of feelings. What shall I do now? Accept this Valentine?
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@sabbatha (287)
• United States
5 Sep 08
Well without knowing why she was flipping out with the guy it could be said she might be kind of nuts, but if she had a very good reason and you believe her then this could be something all together different. On the romantic side, it seems like fate or something brought you together. Definately a case of serendipity. I think life without risk isn't worth living. Be careful, but I'd write back and see where things lead, unless you know already that she's not for you. In that case end it. But if you think there might be something there or could, why not find out.