Steve is going bye bye?

@SomeCowgirl (32266)
United States
September 5, 2008 9:40am CST
Who is steve you might ask? My fiance's XBOX of course. My fiance just looked online and found that the 360 halo edition has gone down in price. Now all those who are worried about Poor Steve and wondering if any Harm will be done to him, I will reassure you that infact he will be intact when we take him to our local game stop and exchange him for store credit. My fiance has yet to name the 360 although I have made several suggestions, and I am sure my fiance's brother has done the same. I am very enthusiastic about this new toy for my fiance, and am glad that he will be able to get the system sooner then we had expected. I will also be keeping an eye out for a few video games that I might play on the 360 so anyone who wishes to put input on games for this system (or for the xbox as we do intend to get a hard drive) please do so, and remember that I am a female and may not enjoy shooting games (although I do!). Any games you might think of for males will also be appreciated as my fiance would enjoy finding new games as well.
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@hellcowboy (7383)
• United States
6 Sep 08
Yes Steve is an X-box and all though he has a few problems and does not work really well all the time,he is still a good piece of equipment and I am sorry to have to get rid of him,and we will make sure he is intact when we take him to GameStop to trade him in for store credit,and I bought him from GameStop almost three years ago,and I was very shocked and excited that the price on the X-box 360 Halo Edition had come down a good amount,I am very happy that we get to get it sooner than I was expecting, and I will probably do like Rickey did when he got his Playstation 3 so I might be afraid to touch it for a while,and I am sure when it arrives that the perfect name will come to me,even though I am very thankful for all the suggestions you have given me,and I am sure you will find games that you can play on it,and we will hopefully get the hard drive soon after the arrival of the X-box 360,and I am always looking for new ideas of games to try,I love you.