I once lost my little brother ... (funny now)

@ebsharer (5517)
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September 5, 2008 11:21am CST
I was 14 years old and often watched my 5 year old brother after school. My grand mother would pick him up from day care and drop him off for me to watch. Well it was a Tuesday and like most Tuesdays I heard her honk the horn so I went out side, talked to her for a few minutes and she left. Well my little brother was crying because she was leaving. I asked him if he wanted to bring the dog out and play. He got excited and said yes. So I went in and got the dog. He said he was going to play in the yard so I went back inside. (Andrew was very good about staying in the yard) So I went in and did a few things. About 5 minutes later I went out side and the dog was on the patio but Andrew wasn't. So I went outside and yelled ANDREW no answer, I went back in the house ANDREW no answer. I ran over to the bike park that was behind our house ANDREW!!! No answer. I was asking the people there have you seen a little boy in a red shirt. No one had seen him! So I ran home and called my mom - MOM ANDREW IS GONE!!! She told me to call 911, So I hung up with her and called. They told me to find recent pictures of him and I did. With in 2 minutes there were police at my door. With in 10 minutes almost the entire City police were there along with State police, fire engines, ambulances, and more. They closed down the bike park and had every one looking for him. They were announcing over the loud speaker that there was a child missing. My mom got home about 20 minutes after the police arrived. She was a mess as was I at this point! They asked me if he could swim - (he couldn't) there were MANY cannels around the house. Then I heard them say "Check the cannels" those words will never leave my brain. After about 45 minutes my mom had the idea to call my grand mother and ask her if she picked Andrew up from day care or did she need to. She didn't want to worry her if she didn't have to. So she calls my grand mother and says some thing like "Hey I'm on my way home did you get Andrew or do I need to?" My grand mother say "OH Erika is probably so worried I picked him back up!" Apparently she drove around the block a few times to make sure Andrew wasn't still crying. He spotted her and she had told him to come in and tell me he was going home with her. He never came in he just put the dog on the patio! So my mother went to one of the officers and said My mother has him. The officer says ... Is that okay? She said yes. The officer said well we much rather things turn out this way! And called every thing off - including the helicopters that were on there way!!! So have you ever had some thing crazy like that happen to you?? Where some thing that could have been horriable turned into nothing at all?? I told you mine you tell me yours!
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@Sheepie (3118)
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5 Sep 08
Whoa! That must have been stressful. I'm glad you were smart enough to tell your mom when you were 14, I probably would have not told my mom and frantically looked for him myself. My mom would have such a fit, and she might kill me or something!
@ebsharer (5517)
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8 Sep 08
Glad you enjoyed the story!