Has true love ever came into your life? Tell me your story...

@plb9201 (140)
United States
September 5, 2008 12:21pm CST
For years I had an ongoing feud with my landlords son. All of a sudden after 5 years I looked at him in a different light. We started visiting on a daily basis. He was absolutely the perfect gentleman. Not just the guy that turns into all hands when you are alone. He sat on the love seat and I sat on the couch for months. I finally asked him why he didn't sit on the couch and he said because he wanted me to know that he was there for more than a one night stand, he was looking for a lifetime and felt like he had found it in me. After all those months we began talking about what we were looking for in life and found it was the same thing. Both of us had been married before with horrible results and both were scared of the word marriage, much less the actual thing. One day he came to visit and he actually did something you only see in the movies. He asked me if he could kiss me. That first kiss resulted in the most wonderful love story I could have imagined. I finally found someone that I could share everything with. Someone that truly loved me for just me. Have you ever found that special, one of a kind love? I would love to hear your story. Peggy
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