Did you ever catch....?

September 5, 2008 1:54pm CST
Now all you cat owners/companions out there will know exactly what I'm talking about and it's... Ever catch someone being talkative to your cat, cuddling, giving extra attention, when you KNOW and HEARD that very same person complain about said cat? Basically giving it the cold shoulder if you will? I totally caught my roommate doing that JUST last night! She was cuddling, playing fetch with Loki, and just spoiling him. I was standing for quite some time watching until she looked up, her response? "what? Shut up." HAHAHA Anybody have similar stories?
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• India
12 Sep 08
LOL! Well, if anyone complains about our cats, the rest of the household plays lawyer. Nobody can say anything about these cats of ours. They are spoiled, petted, and corrupted by almost everybody at home. :) Cheers and happy mylotting
• Canada
12 Sep 08
ha ha ha, awwwww, I can picture it now - The cat broke the lamp... -WHAT?? Not OUR cats! Did you see the cat break it directly? Where's your proof?? Shame on you! You did it didn't you?? he he he
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• India
13 Sep 08
You are 100 percent right. Here is another common one. The cats are meowing. Now if I say, "Why are they making such a noise?" my Mom will begin: "What do you mean? Noise? Aren't the cats supposed to speak? Anyway, it is your fault. You kept the fish out and they are getting the smell. And what do you expect the cats to do? Meditate?" Oh, how I wish I were a cat sometimes!! LOL
• United States
5 Sep 08
I know exactly what you mean. My last two boyfriends were like that. They would complain about her amd tease me about how she was always in my lap or on my bed, then I'd turn around to see them petting her, playing with her, sneaking her treats off their plates. It's like the people who say things bother tham about their own pet (hate to clean the cat box, ect.) but then treat their pet really nice in front of them like the cat understands what's going on and the owner is trying to be sneaky!