My closest friend died 2 months ago & I believe he's trying to contact me...??

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September 5, 2008 8:12pm CST
I had a friendship with someone who I grew up with that lasted 15 years and was reminiscent of Corey Haim/Feldman except there were no drugs involved, but we were tight like that though. Anyways, I was on the verge of reconnecting with him until 3 days ago I found out that he died an accidental death at his job TWO MONTHS ago. I found out too late. Before I found this out, I was having dreams on/off about me and him. He didn't mention to me that he died or anything, the dreams took place in the present and everything was fine, we were hanging out like nothing bad ever happened. Then after we found out he died, my girlfriend had a dream that she met him in some kind of "hall", some part of heaven where everyone was dressed in white, she was interviewing him, he kept asking how I was doing, she kept trying to find out why he did it (we "thought" he killed himself at first) but he kept avoiding the question. Now, he's appearing in spirit form to my girlfriend but not me! Today, I was in the living room, my girl was napping in the bedroom, she called my name cuz she thought I was pulling her sheets she told me to stop she was trying to sleep. I kept telling her I didnt do it. Later, she screamed bloody murder. I rushed in the room and she said she saw him sitting in my computer chair, looking all sad and gazing right at her. Then, after my girlfriend left, I was in the shower, and the bathroom door closed which I hate cuz the steam/heat builds up, nobody was in the darn house! Mind you, my friend use to be a jokester so he could have been pulling pranks here I don't know. But why won't he answer me when I talk to him? Is there any way I can communicate with him? Why do you think hes "hanging" around me?
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6 Sep 08
i been their and it hapen to me sometimes and it i dnt get it i dnt know what it is im doing a lookup on things like that i going to look it up and i can give you the site ok when im done ok so i can understand it to i got to know to so i will fine out more ok