When was the last time you told your friend what they mean to you?

United States
September 5, 2008 9:48pm CST
When was the last time you took a brief moment to do something to show a true friend what they mean to you? I don't mean a phone call or email to say so. I mean a gesture that says so. Does your friend enjoy books? Go to a book store and get a gift card, doesn't have to be a lot of money, and get a book mark with a quote about friends. Put it in a gift bag and give it to her/him "just because". Does your friend like cooking? Go to Bed Bath Beyond or somewhere else and get a new kitchen gadget or cookbook and tell them it's just "because". Find something to tell that person you appreciate them. You'll be amazed at their reaction. Put it this way... how would you feel if your friend did that to you? I'd have goose bumps for days!!!! So go tell a friend what they mean to you.. come on... I know you are thinking about it. Give me some other ideas as I plan to tell my friends this week how much I love them. Stef
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@fleriszy (64)
• Norway
6 Sep 08
I think it was last last year when I last said that to a friend. It is very unusual for me to say things like that to a friend maybe because i believe that it will just be seen in my acts that she/they really mean a lot to me.
• United States
6 Sep 08
Acts of kindness do tell a friend how much they mean to you. I'm sure your friends see that.
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@myahw20 (1116)
• Canada
6 Sep 08
I used to do it a lot before but lately I haven't been able to tell any of my friends how much they mean to me because lately my friends have been active as friends if you know what I mean hehe. They do not get in touch that much anymore. It feels kind of disappointing on days that you feel like you need them the most. When I feel sensitive and stuff I just wish my friends are there for me to talk to sometimes. It is sad because most of my true friends are miles away.
• United States
6 Sep 08
I have moved 3 times in the last 4 years and most of my friends are far away too. To be honest with you, I started this discussion because I was reading something about friends and I realized I haven't told mine how much they mean lately. So I have one that I just emailed to get her address (she moved recently too) and I'm going to send her something. Don't know what yet but I'll think of something creative. It doesn't have to cost much, but it's the thought you put into it. Take care!