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@jfxrsch (1041)
September 5, 2008 10:29pm CST
A few questions have been confusing to me though I have my own blog: 1. What's the main difference between a website and a blog? 2. Most of blogs looks like a typical blog style(entries are sorted by date), but some blogs looks like a website(entries are not sorted, they have their fixed field), how to get those website-like blog style? or they are not blogs? 3. There are some free website service, why people still like blog? Mind sharing your experience?
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• India
14 Sep 08
1. There mine different between blog and website. Blog is a free service provide by the another site. In blog all are created before and just you want to post your matter in that simple. if you have blog you will see like this your means that you are helped by that blog site. It is sub domain of that site. Website means that you want to create it your own knowledge. In website there not build before you want to create many think to create a website. First you want to buy Domain, web hosting, web design software or you want to take the help of developers. there is log things you want to create. Creating a blog is very easy then creating a website. Blog is served for free but not a website. 2. yes all blog are free designed already because it was not own website. if you know html, xml and some web design courses you can make you blog like a website. that what you have seen in other sites. you can Purchases a Domain name you can add to your blog it look like a website then. 3. Yes there is lot of free website services but you want to purchase a domain for that but it is not easy to create a website because you want to do what i said first although it was free of web hosting only. but creating blog very easy a small boy can do that. So don't think that website creation is very easy then blog. If you want more you can ask me.
@jfxrsch (1041)
• China
14 Sep 08
Thanks remorex! So, the main difference is blogs are subdomain of a website that provide blog services. the 2nd difference is the pre-defined templates. Recently I think of creating a website. Because I learned dreamwaver 5 years ago. Things might have changed a lot, such as remote installing php/cms... on the hosting site, but I guess the basic HTML cods are still the same. I looked around and tried and pinkpaper. They looks good. After I add as an add on domain in PinkPaker and set the DNS in website properly. it never get opened in browser. I asked the admin of PinkPaper, serveral days already, don't get answer yet. I guess that how free service goes. Maybe I'll just go back to my blog.