Top 10 most interesting things to blog about.

September 5, 2008 10:37pm CST
This is only on my own opinion.. And based on my experiences too for 2 years of blogging.. 1. Poetry. I love reading other people's poetry. Generally, it's not as good as mine, but some of it is kind of inspired. I really like in depth, emotional, feeling poems. Like about breaking up, and life being sh*t, that kind of thing. 2. Self awareness. This is totally the sort of thing I am interested in as well. Writing about your personal experiences and feelings is one of the most revealing things, especially with tears, suicidal thoughts, and really getting in touch with your feelings. 3. Emotional spectrum. I love to know HOW people are feeling. I'm very in touch with my own emotions and like to associate a colour chart to them. If I had the inclination, I'd blog about it but I'm kind of writing poetry about it instead and saving it up for my first publication. 4. Life experiences. Heavy issues like school, breaking up with your girlfriend, that kind of thing. It makes me feel like, wow, I'm not alone, and wow, your life is so much sh*tter than mine. 5. Family issues. Doesn't just every tom d*ck and harry have family trauma now? Not that I'm complaining. My family kicks the crap out of all the sad stories I've read in blogs, but it's nice to know that some other people suffer out there, if not as acutely as me. 6. Love. Unrequited love, unfullfilled love, broken hearts, these are all awesome blog topics. The joyful ones are just, so not right. Don't people understand that nobody CARES how content they are? They should just take their smug happiness elsewhere. It's so cliched. 7. Poetry. I actually wrote a little piece especially for this entry: my life like a river of despair flows thu deep waters if only i could drown! That's the kind of thing I'm talking about. 8. Music tastes. It's so important to know how other people are feeling about the music scene, so that we can keep up with all the coolest bands and stuff. I hate being left behind, and being the only one without the right t-shirt or whatever. So blogs about music are awesome. 9. My girlfriend's feelings. I love my girlfriend's blog. And her constant despair and depression just gives her, like, a never ending well-spring of stuff to write about. I'm your biggest fan, baby. 10. Me. You know you've made it when you can google your name and come up with something. I really think that I will start my own blog soon, you know, so that everyone can share my thoughts, feelings, and poetry. I'll keep you all posted.
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@joihie (224)
• Philippines
7 Sep 08
You repeated poetry. Guess you loved it so much. I guess I'm an alien for I have different interests. Let me give you my top five. All because I'm too lazy to think of my top ten. 1. Comedy Video Blogs - I love watching video blogs that are funny 2. Make Money Blogs - Having an interest on earning money, I like these kind of blogs 3. Technology Blogs - I like to keep myself updated with technologies 4. Political Blogs - I always love news on politics 5. Blog Communities - Those blogs that have forums