Big Girl (You are Beautiful)!

@super_jj (1417)
September 5, 2008 11:50pm CST
Big gir, you are beautiful! Walks into the room Feels like a big balloon I said, "hey girls, you are beautiful!" Diet coke and pizza please Diet coke, I'm on my knees Screaming, "big girls, you are beautiful!" You take your skinny girl I feel like i'm gonna die 'Cause a real woman Needs a real man, here's why You take your girl And multiply her by four Now a whole lot of woman Needs a whole lot more Get yourself to the butterfly lounge Find yourself a big lady Big boy, come on around And there we're gonna do baby No need to fantasize Since the words are my praises A watering hole with the girls around And curves in all the right places Big girls, you are beautiful! Big girls, you are beautiful! This a song Mika which was adapted for the TV series "Ugly Betty". I like the song. the lyrivs is really quite simple. The singer has nothing but praises for big women like Betty in the show (although i dont find her ugly) Empowerment to the women, especially the plus size ones with "curves in all the right places" Big girls, you are beautiful! Hehehehehehehehe.
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