What is the best thing that you've done for your mom?

September 6, 2008 9:18am CST
I am very grateful for the utmost and unconditional love that my mother has given me. She has done a lot of sacrifices to raise me up. I have become a better person because of my mom and I owe her for that. But have you done something very special to your mom? What is that best thing you've ever done for her? Please give me some specific examples and I will mark the best response. Thank you guys! Happy mylotting!
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@SaintAnne (5453)
• United States
6 Sep 08
My relationship with my mom is complicated. It is just now, the last couple years that I have really appreciated and realized how much she has sacrificed and how much she has done for us, her three kids. I know I really can't repay her enough, I feel guilty not being able to remember the "best" thing I have done for her. So I'm just going to share what I did for her last Tuesday. My mother and her husband likes to recycle. The last year, her husband had surgery and was told by the doctor to avoid doing things that requires even mild exertion. So the cans, bottles and plastic bottles starting piling up in their backyard. My mom asked me to help her sort it out and I ended up doing the sorting all by myself. I told her to just relax while I sorted the recyclables. My mom was very grateful for that. We try to make her birthdays and Mother's Day extra special. When I used to have extra money, I try to give her certificates to do relaxing activities for herself like the spa/massage/mani-pedi rather than give her gifts that she won't really get to use.
@SaintAnne (5453)
• United States
11 Sep 08
Thanks for the BR!
12 Sep 08
Well,I am very close with my mom. All her problems are being shared with me even though I am not the right person to shared with but still as a son, i gave my personal advice to her. As a youngest of the family, her love made a great impact to me as a person now. She taught me how to be a good and responsible person. I consider my mom as my best buddy ever. Now, I am away from her because I am working in the Middle East, the only advice she gave me that I will never forget, "My son, don't forget to pray for He is the only one who can help you coz I am too far away from you." Now, that I am earning, I give her something to make her happy. Material things may fade away....but there are 2 best gifts that I gave her, 1. GRADUATED 2 COURSES FROM COLLEGE WITH FLYING COLORS - She told me that the only gift that they can give is education for knowledge cannot be stolen in any means until you die. 2. PRAY - to give her a good life and good health..I know that all of us don't want that our love ones will get sick.. From now on, tell your mom that you love her and hug her for we don't know when she will be here with us. Ma, I LOVE U!!!!
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
14 Aug 10
In fulfilling her dreams and winning good names academically and through in good position, she feels proud and i take care of her till the last!