if looks could kill...i would have been dead a thousand times over

September 7, 2008 2:35am CST
Yeah, yeah, we all know about the line. Have read it, seen it done it. I just wonder. In your lifetime, how many times have have you been looked at? You can't count can you? That's alright because everyday, we go around meeting a lot of people. They may not usually stop and stare at you, but you know that for countless times, people would look at you at more would continue looking at you for as long as you live. Well how about how many times have been looked at with admiration? I'm sure you count as many as you could. Now then, how many instances do you remember being looked at with disdain, hate and malice? I'm not one to complain but I'm beginning to see the world as filled indifference and enmity. Has the world gone unfriendly?
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