Love or arranged marriage?

@razor123 (979)
September 7, 2008 3:43am CST
Hello everyone. What do you'll believe in Love marriage or Arranged marriage? Also why do you feel so? Share with us your views and thoughts on this particular matter.
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@BubblyIan (751)
7 Sep 08
There is of course a third type - marriage of convenience - where one spouse 'pretends' to love the other knowing they have loads of money and at some point in the future they can divorce and take their chunk! But in answer to your question, why should they be alternatives? I am aware of some cultures and communities where arranged marriages are the norm. These marriages often are in communities where divorce is very low and people stay together for far longer than in areas where 'love' is quoted as the main reason. Ultimately, love is not enough to make a marriage work. Often it is lust anyway rather than lvoe and this wears thin after the first few months or years. Why shouldn't our aprents or whoever have a better understanding of our needs and the characteristics needed of a person to make a marriage last? I am open to offers, as long as I have a veto! I think the biggest problem si meeting people suitable for marriage in the first place! Having been introduced, the rest is up to the parties concerned. I think we should not criticise - as long as there is no element of 'force' involved and both aprites have the option of veto.