Is anyone else offended by LOUD music in church?

@ClassyCat (1214)
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September 7, 2008 8:41am CST
What is it these days with the extremely LOUD MUSIC in church? We went to a family gathering at a church some years back, and the music was so loud, that as we sat at the very end of the medium sized parking lot, with the windows of the car rolled up - - we could still hear the music much too clearly. I know of friends that have dropped out of church attendance for this very reason. Any thoughts on this?
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27 Oct 10
I am looking for a new church because the sound levels were painful and the leadership refused to listen to my complaints. It was sad, because they are trying to grow the church, but none of my friends I invited wanted to return because of the painful worship service, and sometimes painful effects during the preaching.
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22 Jul 10
My name is David Lee Clark. You have experienced the Decible Doctrine, "belief that the volume of music brings the power of God". This false doctrine took over my home church when the former Pasotor retired. That was 10 years ago in Port Arthur, Texas. It is dangerously deceptive. Extreme volumes of music has an extreme pysiological effect upon a human being, but it is not the power of God that is felt. You would do well to study this effect. The effect can be mistaken for God's power. This doctrine is taking over more and more churches of all denominations. The spirit of that doctrine will mock and ridicule you, but don't give up on God, He has never changed. Whatever you do, avoid it. I have friends, very good and Godly people, that subjected themselves to the Decibel Doctrine untill they embraced it as truth. That deception is so powerful that they will never go back to the old paths.