Why they kill Girl Child in the Womb?

September 7, 2008 10:41am CST
It is a shame on the face of those and society where girl child are killed in the womb.First woman as a mother bring man on the earth giving him birth,woman nurture him and grow him up and make him learn to walk with her finger,woman teaches him to live, woman marries him to live a married life and enjoy in the society. Being every thing done by the woman to make a man perfect to live a lovable life then why they kill the girl child in the womb. Are they not killing a mother a wife too. This equation is still unresolved the world over. What are your views of the killing of girl child in the womb. Please discuss and comment.
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@maximax8 (28570)
• United Kingdom
7 Sep 08
I have heard that many couples in India would like to have a boy and they might get rid of a girl and try again to get a boy. I know that China has a huge population so it has the one child policy. If a couple there have a boy they will be pleased. In orphanages in China there are many girls and very few boys. I wish I could adopt a little girl from China or India. I have a 13 year old son and a 15 month old son. I would dearly love to have a daughter. I would love my baby whatever the gender. I wouldn't choose to have an abortion because that would be wrong for me. I respect other people's choices though. I think that if a country has more boys than girls when they grow up not every man will find a wife. A 50% male and a 50% female society is best I feel. Aborted people are missing from the world. They weren't given the chance to be born and so I think that is sad. Adoption is right and abortion is upsetting.
@aize003 (225)
• Philippines
7 Sep 08
it's a mortal sin to kill an unborn child...
• Philippines
7 Sep 08
Hey sweethomecatring, this sounds like an abortion topic... the fact that aborting an unborn child is the same as murdering it while still living inside the womb of the mother. The poor, innocent unborn child has to live and grow to experience the wonders of the nature. I am against aborting unborn babies.. if they don't want babies, at least let their babies live inside their tummy and find a foster parent who would be willing to adopt their own baby.