If You Had To Chose Between A Million Dollars And The Love Of Your Life

September 7, 2008 5:57pm CST
Which one whould you chose this is not an easy question most of us think that we'd chose love but most of us wont even swollow are pride for love or relocate or go threw changes or even leave are confort zone for those we claim to love its sometimes funny to how much we think we know ourselfs but do we really... how far whould you go for love?
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• United States
8 Sep 08
I don't have a love of my life right now. So the money is looking pretty good. I don't want it for selfish reasons, though. I want to help my family out of our financial situation and then I'd give some to charity. And then of course I'd get myself a really nice laptop, lol. But who knows if love will ever come into my life. I personally don't think it ever will so I won't hold my breath.
7 Sep 08
I know I would choose love. I've turned down money before for him and my family...just not that much. What good would all that money be if I had no one to share it with?