How do you make new Friends????????????

September 7, 2008 6:10pm CST
Hello Myloters, I know a lot of people cant make friends easy unlike others. I am this person who is difficult to find new friends. I only meet friends from relatives and usually doesn't work and first impression I get is "I thought you were a not nice person" nice starting:-(. I saw a lot of people around hanging out with friends means there is a way to make friends but how? Are you one of this people can make friend easily? Is it difficult or not? Thanks for your time Myloters, Happy Myloting
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• United States
8 Sep 08
In real life I've made friends at work and I had been playing an online game, matrixonline, and made lots of friends there. I'm a talker and usually am the first one to start a conversation or be willing to explain to someone how to do something. MySpace and Facebook are also good places to find people that you may have lost touch with since highschool or college. Through those sites, you can meet new people through friends. Before long you'll have more friends and it will be hard to keep in contact with everyone :)