Is there any parents who don't love their children?

@yenwie84 (1345)
September 7, 2008 7:51pm CST
What do you think about this? Is this possible? For me,I think every parents love their children but sometimes just the matter of expression. Some of the parents are not good in expressing their love and care to their children. Misunderstandings might happen when the expression is wrong. So do you think your parents are loving you? Or not? Please share with me,thanks.
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• Canada
8 Sep 08
I don't believe all parents love their child and this is why we hear of so much child abuse these days . I don't see how you can love someone and yet use them as a punching bad . Also we hear horrible stories about a mother or a father who murders there own children to hook up with someone who doesn't want children . There is no way these people could ever say they loved their children and yet do the things that we hear about on the news . I don't understand how one could have a child and yet not love that child more then anything in the world because my children are my life . Without them I woudn't feel I was much of a person . They are what give me joy each day and make my life have meaning to it . I do believe my parents love me but they are different in expressing there love then I am with my children . My mother never wants to hear that I love her as she calls this crazy talk and will never say it back to me . I tell my children all the time how much I love them and love to hear them say it back to me . I hope we never lose this closeness and hope that my children will always be able to share how they feel with not only myself but with all those they love and care for in life .
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@Amagnimo (637)
• India
8 Sep 08
Well, I wish you good luck for the last lines you wrote. It really is a good feeling to have loving parents, really. Even if the bond is unspoken of, it really is so much like cuddle-sort of. Its difficult and I don't think I am gonna be able to express it, but still, anyways, good luck@ :) Happy Mylotting!
• Philippines
8 Sep 08
no. the truth is, those parents don't love theirselves that's why that can't give love to others.
• United States
8 Sep 08
Well, I have a 4 1/2 yer old son who buggs me sometimes and I belive because he's just a preschooler who is ofcourse active most of the time. I still love him even if I put some tough "love" on him he will grow up and be a better man. I love him no mattter what. I've had parents that show love for me even though I was raised more with my ma and my daddy wasn't hardly around but used to spend little time with me and give me money. I still thank God for them though.