the most terrible time to the life on the earth now??

September 8, 2008 3:51am CST
Now it is all set for an artificial BIG BANG on 10th September 2008 in French-Swiss border by the well known scientist Mr.Lin Evans to discover the secrets. But the other scientists and human rights commission are really worried about this because the LHC is laid by 17 Miles long and 170 to 600 feet in the earth. All other scientists and human rights commission are screaming that if the artificial BIG BANG takes there will be Unrest Black Holes created and those Black Holes will submerge the Earth into them. Also they are screaming about the Tsunamis will hit after this experiment. The court has denied their plead. SO FRIENDS PLEASE DISCUSS ABOUT THIS THE MOST SERIOUS ISSUE ON THE EARTH NOW. IT MAY BE DANGEROUS TO THE LIFE ON THE EARTH.
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• India
8 Sep 08
someone has already alerted us about this predicament. And, there would be no harm, according to the other scientists, associated with the experiment. If all say so, why do we have to worry. Even if this is going to be true, there is nothing wrong. I still am worried more about making the payout minimum on mylot, than the LOSS OF LIFE. lols. I am sorry at my own dirty joke. Truly.