how do u defeat the black list members

September 8, 2008 6:16am CST
guys i am not able to sefeat the black list members of most wanted how do u kick their but??thx in advance
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@axelfdd (12)
• Romania
27 Apr 09
i defeat the black lisy members with my lamburghini
@vimalmeh (63)
• India
1 Oct 08
To defeat the blacklist you have to just win a races may be 2from3, 7from9 etc against the blacklist.
• India
15 Sep 08
hi dshiznetz. i had completed nfs mostwanted 5 times till now. die hard fan of this game. in order to run with blacklist drivers, u need to have street rep. ie u must win the required races,complete required milestones,gain enough bounty. After u have have enought street rep, u are ready to race with blacklist racers. dont forget these guys have extremely strong and powerfull cars than us. in order to beat them ur car must be updated with the latest parts. use performance tuning option if required to tune ur car better for the race. i will give u a small hint, when u win over a blacklist driver, u are allowed to chose from markers. always select 2 and 3 marker only. if u select this u chances of winning pink slip of ur rival car is almost 80%. Then u will have gr8 car for next race and amount needed to spend on tat car will also be less
@bratin (104)
• India
12 Sep 08
to defeat the blacklist you have to make the critaria to race with blacklist.then defeat the blacklist member.
@Skylinr (118)
• Singapore
11 Sep 08
Till now, I still find Most Wanted one of the more challenging NFS game, especially where the blacklist members are involved(ProStreet not included 'cos its not driveable..) I remember the first time I played it, I took around 4-5 tries to beat the blacklist member. To beat them, max out your car's performance. Buy all the best parts you can get at that point of them. And most importantly, improve the way you drive. In most racing games, the AI loses out during corners since they brake earlier and harder than necessary, so you might wanna try to improve the way you corner. Brake as late and as little as possible. Personally, I prefer to use handbrakes, but it depends on each individual. Happy Racing and MyLotting!