Relationships & Health...Is love really that strong?

@Serath (86)
South Africa
September 8, 2008 8:32am CST
This might seem like a strange question... For a married couple, it's the easiest to handle the diagnosis of a possible life affecting/threatening disorder of the man or wife, as they have made a commitment towards each other to stay with each other for better or worste. For a couple whos dating, there is most probably a 50/50 chance that they would break up. But how would you react when you find out that the person you want to start dating, has a life affecting condition? I am not talking of a sexually transmittable disease. I am talking about a genetic disorder that will not affect you as a partner, but that might be passed on to subsequent children. How much are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of love? Would you be willing to knowingly enter into a relationship with a guy who you know has physical difficulties? Where does the line get drawn, between love and a disability... I watched a program on tv, called "My horrific story" or something like that. There is this one lady, who is a dwarf with a husband that's almost five times her height and I remember thinking..."Theyre love for each other must be so deep for them to overcome such a huge hurdle..." I mean, it's not like she started shrinking while they were dating or married. This guy knew about her difficulties the moment he saw her for the first time, yet still they are together. Is love truely that strong?
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@camomom (7536)
• United States
20 Sep 08
i personally believe it is. if you love someone you love them. i was married to a deaf man and i knew the challanges i'd face by being with him. it isn't as easy as some might think since i am hearing and do not know sign language. i also have never been around anyone that is deaf. he could hear some with the help of hearing aids. he was told by doctors that there was a good chance that he would have deaf children due to his condition. we still tried to have kids. it didn't matter because we loved each other and we were willing to work together to take care of our children regardless of whether they were hearing or deaf. we did not end up having kids and are now divorced but neither of those were caused by his disability or me not being able to handle it. we were together for 10 years. you can't control who you love, it just happens. if you like them enough to date them, knowing of their condition, you should be able to overlook it and adjust. if you have to question it then you aren't ready for the responsibility and should avoid hurting them by not pursuing them and just remain friends.
• Malaysia
12 Sep 08
For me, my opinion,we just have to have faith in our relationship. if we trust our couple,the it's not a problem,but make sure that our faith is based on your loyalty to each other.