Does anyone have a favourite ways or tips to wear foundation?

September 8, 2008 8:44am CST
i have a natural skin tone and like to wear as little make up as possible...but i got problem everytime i applying a foundation.maybe u can share here your favourite way or tips!
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@nicholejade (2430)
• Canada
8 Sep 08
I guess it really depends on what kind of foundation you are wearing. Is is liquid? Is it powder? Is it a pressed liquid? If you are using liquid you really have to rub it in and make sure there is no smudges as it does sometimes comes out splotching. If you are using powder I perfer to use a brush. It just goes on alot smoother than the makeup pad that most powders come with. If it is pressed liquid I perfer to use the brush as well as fingertips. I really like to rub it in and make sure that I don't have splotches.
9 Sep 08
thanks alot for sharing.have a nice day.
@thanujad (405)
• Sri Lanka
13 Oct 08
Foundation should be considered as a skin improver. Foundation should match your skin tone. To choose colours apply little on your cheek or inside of your wrist. Be careful to blend around nose and chin and fade away under the chin. Heavy foundation is old fashioned and ageing. Foundation should never appear like a mask. The shade chosen should be as close to your natural skin tone, so that there is no sudden change of colours between chin and neck. Two aspects should be taken into account before choosing a foundation - the form of the foundaion and its colour. Some forms are more suited to certain skin types than others. Age and the basic condition of your skin also influence the choice of the foundation.