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September 8, 2008 8:55am CST
So I just bought the new Stuff magazine and it has a feature in there of the Top 100 games of all time. Number one is Half Life 2 for the PC but I was wondering what your top game would be? I disagree with the number one from stuff magazine, I dont know myself which should be number one but I do know it shouldnt be half life 2. With all those amazing retro games from mine and your childhood. I would put Streets of rage 2 up there with the best of them. Iv got to say that retro games were alot more fun than the games of today. Even though the graphics and gameplay are alot smoother, has the fun factor been taken out of gaming?
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@mr_mlk (364)
8 Sep 08
My Top Game, Gunship for the C64 or Portal. Likely Portal. My memories of the 8bits is while there was some cool games out, many were bad. Luckily we don't remember the bad, and they don't pop up on Xbox Arcade. In 15 years time we will all remember Portal and reminisce over Bioshock, but Red Steal and Alone in the Dark will be all but forgotten.
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9 Sep 08
Do you remember Dizzy the egg, that was a highly addictive game and the graphics when it came out were excellent. Ahhhh the memories of all the old school games. Another great game was Speed Ball 2 for the Sega Megadrive and also Golden Axe, you never get games like that anymore.
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@mr_mlk (364)
11 Sep 08
Dizzy was cool. I hope it comes out on the Wii shop thing. never get games like that anymore. I'm not so sure; I remember Golden Axe and played it again recently. Sure it was cool it was not any better than modern games. I've spent a little cash on the Wii classics shop thing, and bought Mario (original) for the Gamebox, the new Matrio for the DS is just as good.
@modstar (9610)
• Philippines
24 Sep 08
You can still play those games using emulators.
• India
11 Sep 08
For me prince of persia warrior within is the top game I have completed the game for more than 6 times in each and every mode ppossible