How Do U see Pleasures and Miseries in Life

September 8, 2008 8:56am CST
You can your self make your life pleasurable to live it with love and affection and it is also you who make the life miserable a lot to live. Am I correct to say. To my views It is man he adopt the life in the manner he like. These are good deeds of both the partners who make the life lovable and livable with all the pleasures and amusement. If we see life as enjoyable we can brought up our children in a very good manner and can give them good education and apart them with good manners to live a nice and lovable life. If we have the adverse tendency towards life and we always think in negative and we tend to cheat and play havoc with the society by cheating others and abusing the respect of other by our bad deeds, we are not abusing others but making our own and our children's life miserable and more meaningless. How do u see life from your angle. Please discuss and comment.
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