Do You Support Red Paintballs?

United States
September 8, 2008 10:55am CST
There is a huge deal on how all red paintballs should be banned because when you use t hem it can be giving a bad name to paintball or when you get shot you really can tell if you have an injury or you have been marked. What do you think of red paintballs and why should they be banned or why shouldnt they be banned if you dont want it to be banned.
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@nicholejade (2430)
• Canada
8 Sep 08
What does it matter what color the paintball is? There are so many different colors and they all do the same thing. Just because they are red doesn't mean that is the only color that you can see that a person will get a welt from. All the other colors do the same thing as the red ones do. I don't think they should be banned at all. Why and what for? They are not harming anyone.
• Canada
20 Sep 08
Well obviously if it is red paint it is going to look like blood. What honestly wrong with that it looks real? All the games that I have played we have always used red paintballs to make it look more realistic. A welt is one thing, splattering red paint after a hit is another. How is splattering red paint so wrong? I really don't get the difference. Doesn't matter what color the paint is going to be it still leaves the same welt if it becomes one. I honestly don't see any drawback of using red paintballs at all.