Your direction sense is in a jumble?

@cambiste (1245)
September 8, 2008 5:35pm CST
Mine is. I owned a small compass which was handmade from a small shop when i was 8 years old. They had switched the N and S directions, and unfortunately, i relied upon it to find my N, S and E and W. And i often get lost. And tend to look in the opposite directions for the trains that are supposed to come from the south or north. The funny thing is, until i joined college, and did my first engineering survey, i had no idea my compass was wrong. Presented with a survey compass 10 times the size of mine, i finally realized my compass couldnt possibly be pointing in the correct direction. The funnier thing was, my compass didnt just have Na dn S switched, but was pointing in an easterly-south direction instead of north - my instructor advised me to donate the compasss to a museum. Well, finally, my direction senses still are in a bit of a jumble. lol.
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