September 8, 2008 7:46pm CST
Out of curiosity, how many Warhawk players post here on the bonnie website that is mylot? Im creating a discussion thread so we can all get together, swap PSN ID's, Share Tips, Swap Stories and have a good old laugh about such a great game! I'll start off i guess, My PSN ID is dobber86 and your all more than welcome to add me. I've currently played about 7 hours worth of warhawk, not much really and i currently trying to get the bandit teamwork ribbon so i can level up but getting these 30 teamwork points in one round is a tough nut to crack. So far i've notched up 24 at best in Zone but im having a hard time getting more. Do you have any possible suggestions on maybe other game modes where team points come in much easier?
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