dog allergies

September 8, 2008 8:35pm CST
I like dogs. The only problem is, I am allergic to its fur. Any animal's fur triggers my asthma. So the most I could be with them is if they are about a hundred yards away from me. We have a dog at home but it stays outside the house in its own doghouse. As much as we want to let him inside, my health would suffer. I have always envied my friends who are carrying tiny pet dogs with them. But then, if they do that, they come near me. They already know the reason. LOL Well, I guess, I am one dog lover who can't be with dogs. Just admiring them from afar.
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• Australia
9 Sep 08
There is a dog for people with dog allergies. The poodle has wool and not fur and many people who are allergic to dog fur are not allergic to these. You may be lucky and be one of those people. The problem can be that poodles have definite personalities and some people don't get along with them. They're quite intelligent and good at trying to get their own way, but when they're trained well they're great.
• Philippines
9 Sep 08
Same here... well, i love dogs and like you i have asthma. My doctor told me to keep away from animals with furs like dogs and cats. But!!.. I still love them.. They are so cuddly and cute!. In our house, we have 5 dogs and 2 cats and my mother scolds me whenever i go near them. But, i just can't resist them and i ended up taking my medicine for asthma. But, as i've observed, recently my asthma attacks are not often compared to before. Maybe i was just used to my dogs and cats. Maybe you could put on a mask when you touch them. I used to put mask too and seems that it worked for me. You just have to wash your hands after you touch them so that the furs in you hands will be gone and you will minimize the furs you will exhale that can trigger your asthma.