are you brand concious?

September 9, 2008 2:38am CST
are there still a lot of people who'se still brand concious? me im an average person sometimes i can afford one but not like other brands thats a very high end of fashion sometimes i think that practicality wise i dont need to purchase a large amount of dollar for a single item. especially now a days its really hard to earn money and lot of bills to pay everything is goin up. Do u still prefer to buy expensive clothes, bags, shoes, etc... maybe like watches i can make an investment to it... Sometimes i wanna experience how the rich and famous lives.. I wanna feel what it feels like to be one of them...
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• Philippines
9 Sep 08
I must admit I am quite brand conscious but not in all things.I love good brands with good qualities as they tend to last longer.I'd rather buy 1 expensive pair of good quality jeans than 10 cheap ones.I love Swiss watches and I collect them because I will be able to hand them down to future generations.
• India
9 Sep 08
am not brand conscious...i always opt wats good at the same time will it suite my pocket.... i go for quality, attitude,usefulness...sometimes the thing you brought from the near market will be better than the branded one...but wen it comes of gadgets...i necessarily go for good brands...because its not smthng i change frequently...there i have to see its money value.
@weerick (36)
9 Sep 08
Personally im not. I think people are crazy to over the top prices because a product is popular. Thats all it comes down too. It's not better looking, or higher simple has a label and to put money in peoples pockets for that..well i don't get it. I love making myself new clohtes out of old ones with paint, patches and bleach. I can easily make a pair of jeans last 3-4 years no bother and still look good! :)
@James72 (26829)
• Australia
9 Sep 08
It all depends on what I am buying actually. When it comes to clothing for example I don't really care about brands; but with electronics I am more attracted towards brand names because they tend to be more reliable and you can find many reviews on electronic brand products from other people that have bought them. Sure it would be nice once in a while I guess to be able to afford expensive labelled clothes and accessories; but I could think of nothing worse than being one of those people that are so caught up in being seen in big name brand clothing only.