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September 9, 2008 3:17am CST
In my life i have always been quiet on what i feel i dont share it with anyone... untill i get overwhelemed by it and decided to commit suicide it was the day before my birthday... As i was lying on my bed a blood dripping on my floor i realized i dont wanna die... im scared... thats the time i unlocked my door so that my yaya can come in and see me... After that things become much lighter for me thats when i started openning up myself to my friends and family... But sometimes i still feel alone.. Do sometimes feel it too?
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• India
9 Sep 08
First of all when i read this i feel bad for you & also get angry on you. Because when GOD gives us a life then we dont have the right to destroy it.Enjoy the life as it is but we can make it very very charming. Its only up to us dt how we can live it. Never try again for this. Now if you belive do one thing when ever you are getting boared. Just rememebr thta many people dont have money, family & other things which u have & i am the better person in the world & i need to do something for them automatically you will feel good.
10 Sep 08
thank you so much... I know what i did was wrong and you're right i am blessed with family, friends, money though i'm not rich but i am able to survive in this world i have a good safe home to stay, food to eat everyday... But that experienced thaught me a lot , it was a big mistakes and i never thought i can do that... well im just glad im still here surviving all the obstacles in life... good thing im in myLot now... here you can express anything...
@MichaelJay (1100)
9 Sep 08
I am so sorry you had this awful experience and also I am glad you didn't go through with it and that you are now feeling better. Do you think it is useful to share this with strangers like you are doing on Mylot or do you prefer to talk to close family? Which do you find is most helpful?
9 Sep 08
well i can talk about this to anyone... I dont regret doing it atleast I learned. but sometimes I like to talk about it with my friends and other people than my family i feel uncomfortable i dont know why... i feel much comfortable talking to my friends and others about this... weird?