Who should outsource?

Sri Lanka
September 9, 2008 3:34am CST
There are many people who are doing outsourcing now. please share some ideas about out sourcing. Because most of 3rd world counties are doing this and getting paid
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9 Sep 08
Please no more outsourcing. I work for BT and have to speak to India every single day, they are well mannered and nice people but can't speak much english. I have to repeat myself at least 3 times on each call and if I say something that isnt on their script, we go around in circles. All this outsourcing is leading to alot of people in my work losing their jobs. Im sure BT will soon realise that outsourcing is not the answer, unless our Indian colleagues are given the correct backing and training.
• Sri Lanka
9 Sep 08
Yes that correct. we have to give them proper training. Then we can success in BPO