Discussing the experiments of social life,and the effects of results

September 9, 2008 7:51am CST
Hello; The main interest here,is to discuss new roles in life and the results of what some people do,to catch some0nes interest,and to project themselves into their lives unwittingly.How do we do this to achieve our personal needs,to seek a mate,or to have a friendship,and promote its values to our own selfishness,or to our own advant ages.We must be in depth when we assume different roles in our lives,to secure our own lives,by playing a role in anothers,and to be believable.Maybe,just to assume we are capable of being a visionary,and head the experiment or person into the direction which we desire,to satisfy our own kind of evil.What do we have to do,to accomplish all this?Can it happen? Yes the answers are forthcoming,after we have a little knowledge of our task,and the planning,which is essential,but how? I could say,we can all do this,and most do,but do not realize that they are.How does this help us,if we wanted our way.How can you promote yourself as a person,who is in a certain occupation,and actually have others believe you? This is your turn now,lets discuss.
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