Kids and Doctors/tests

@jmhall (143)
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September 9, 2008 7:55am CST
Have you ever had to take you child to the doctor or for tests that you knew they were not going to like. And what I mean by not like is that they screamed as if you were killing them the entire time. I know other parents that have had to do this multiple times but I can not see how they can do it. We recently took our daughter for an EEG. There is nothing painful involved but you need to hold them still while they hookup all these wires to their head. She is the type that is very active and does not like being restrained. So she screamed and cried the entire time and she is too young to understand what is going on. I do not see how parents that do this more than once or on a regular basis. So here is the question if this test is only to put a lable on what she has but is not going to change what is being done would you repeat this if the Doctor what her to have another?
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10 Sep 08
when i was pregnant with my daughter one of her kidneys were enlarged but they said nothing to worry about, well we had to go through so many test and they started before she was 2 months and some were the same ones.they ran the dye through her,catheters,put her in one of those x-ray machines and done name it they did it...the test just ended the beginning of this year and i am so happy because like your daughter mine screamed almost all the time... they always bribed her with stickers, it actually worked sometimes
@rainmark (4306)
11 Sep 08
Well maybe my baby don't like doctor anymore now.He admitted before in the hospital and they've done how many test to him. I can't look at my baby coz he keeps crying and crying and they keep injected the needle. and they hard to figure out which is the right vien to stick the needle. My niece also when she see a person wearing a white gown she going to cry because she got a phobia of those test.Happy myloting!