Emu oil

@blanne (174)
September 9, 2008 10:24am CST
I just visited a forum and a thread was talking about emu oil. They said that it is good for the skin and it can treat dry skin and other skin conditions. I also read that it has many other benefits. I am just curious if some of you have tried this oil and the effects (positive and negative) of it on your body. I am interested on anything that can treat dry skin so I might buy myself an emu oil someday if you guys can convince me. Hehe.. Anyway, are there any users here? Does it cost much? What are the effects of emu oil?
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• Ireland
9 Sep 08
Yes, I use Emu oil on a regular basis. In winter when my hands get rough and dry I alway rub a tiny drop of emu oil on them. I also use it on my wrists for arthritis but I also use Tiger Balm so I don't know which of them is easing the pain or if it a combination of both. I think they are both equally good but there is a strong odour off Tiger Balm whereas the Emu Oil is odourless. As for the cost, the Tiger Balm is much cheaper. I can't remember what I paid for the Emu Oil but I know it was expensive whereas the Tiger Balm only cost a three of hour euros although some shops charge up to ten euros.
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@blanne (174)
• Philippines
10 Sep 08
Oh.. But what is the difference between the Tiger Balm and emu oil? And may I ask if where does the emu oil come from and why is it expensive? I also would like to ask if emu oil is better than body oils and the likes. And even though it is expensive, is it still okay since you only have to apply a tiny drop of it? Thank you for responding to this discussion.. :)