Does any one play counter strike here?

Counter Strike Game - Are u a CT'ian
@NeoBug (106)
September 9, 2008 12:31pm CST
Is there is any serious counter strike players around here? what is the version you play? i am a serious counter striker here....
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@shoeb000 (321)
• India
26 Sep 08
well i do play but not online, i have played on lan with 2 friends but still i am a starter... i don thave much experience in this game, but still i can be a good team mate [ my confident]
@NeoBug (106)
29 Sep 08
thats interesting buddy.. which version do you play?
• Malaysia
10 Sep 08
Sometimes i will watch my bro play counter striker.But me don noe how to play,me just play seldom only.
@NeoBug (106)
14 Sep 08
hey jennifer.. just learn to play it then u can fight with your brother, hase him, bomb him, shoot him... and lot of fun stuffs which you cant really do to your brother...