have you ever had a pregnancy scare

@jhl930 (3605)
United States
September 9, 2008 1:40pm CST
a lot of relationships have had at least one pregnancy scare and mine is no different because she thought that she might be pregnant and it has since been said that she doesn't think shes pregnant and shes sure of it...so that was good because right now i don't want to be a father honestly...so i was just wondering about all of you, have any of you ever had that pregnancy scare...because most of the people that i know have had at least one...thanks for taking the time out of your day to read and review my discussion and hopefully answer it as well, i hope that you all have had a great day so far and that you continue to have a great day...thanks again for taking the time!
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• Malaysia
27 Oct 08
I think in most relationship that are sexually active, yes there will be the scare.. I've had scares eventhough I was on the pill or the jab. I'm just a very paranoid person.. so yes, I have gone through the scares...
@Sarah1108 (310)
• United States
9 Sep 08
Yes i have had 2. the 1st time i thought i was pregnant and ended up not to be. which was very good. the 2nd time I was the one saying oh i am not pregnant and everyone around me told me i was. so i did a test to prove everyone wrong and it ended up that my friends were write.
• United States
9 Sep 08
Before my husband and I got married, we have had plenty of pregnancies scares. But now that we are married we haven't had so many. But now we are hoping to get pregnant pretty soon. But yeah, I can understand how that would be frightening especially when you are not ready to be a parent.